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Saturday, 23 March 2019


 I have fabric out, I want to make a gift, a knitting storage bag, but I want to add to it and make it special, it is for a special person. in the 1st view I have a choice of fabrics for the outside, 2nd view a choice of fabrics for the inside, 3rd view is using colours the recipient loves, but the fabrics are very light weight, and I not sure would be the best to use. Humm...
I am struggling with this book, the introduction to the characters is long,
I'm hoping the story will get going soon, I'm on page 101
Having posted about reading my latest Jojo Moyes book, I have had loads of comments regarding which book you prefer written by her. I have not read them all, but so far my favourite book is 'The last letter from your lover', it did help as I was reading the letters I heard the voice of Liam Neeson in my head. So what is your favourite Jojo Moyes book?
Our house is now much warmer, most of the windows and all the doors have been replaced with triple glazing, we have two front windows to replace later this year, we will have them double glazed. We were pleased to have dry and still days, rain and wind would have played havoc. Our front door now does not require a key to open from the inside, a great safety feature, now we watch to see how much less we use the heating, already we have turned it down.
Grace my oldest cat, stayed in her basket at the top of the stairs, happily out the way, Purdy was not too interested and kept an eye on both workmen. Grace has still not settled since 3 little dogs moved in next door, at some point she will get used to them, but she still is often disappearing.
I have placed another order for yarn, I don't need anymore yarn, but I wanted some yarn for the Leftie shawl, as my title says I have a plan.


  1. Lovely fabric, I'm sure the recipient of your bag will be thrilled to bits. My favourite Jojo Moyes book is by far Me Before You. Second to that comes The Girl You Left Behind. Archie hates it when we have workmen in the house, he doesn't settle at all.

  2. I am sure she will love it even if they are not her colours. Our house improved a lot when we put in the double glazing a few years back and once we buy a new front door should be even better.

  3. The fabrics are lovely, you could use some iron on interfacing on the lightweight ones or even use wadding and quilt it. I have done both several times. By 100 pages you ought to be really into the plot and loving/hating the characters. I give up much sooner than that if I can not get a grip on a book. There are so many books to read and I want to enjoy every one.

  4. I love all of the fabrics, especially the first ones.
    I agree with Pam. Life is too short. If you're not invested by page 100 (!) I'd say you gave the plot a good go.

  5. Lucky lady who receives one of your handmade bags - for me it's the seaside boat theme, makes me think of calm tranquil walks along the beach.

  6. I think I would have given up on that book before now …

    All the best Jan



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