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Monday, 4 March 2019

After storm Freya

Taken on Sunday, whilst the storm was here, loving the pink against the grey skies. 
 Not too many buds on the lawn this morning.
 English bluebells, I adore these, in sea's of blue, but not in my garden, they are spreading, but not enough. We have Spanish ones in the front garden, but  these I think are much nicer. 
 Signs of Spring everywhere. 
Bulbs in pots
 I have just brought this pot in from the greenhouse, it is planted with bulbs given to me on my birthday, they are beautiful. 
Saturday, we did very little, I did some knitting to my 2nd sock, I am now past the heel, I did look at my jumper but decided to finish the sock 1st. Hubby went out for his first motor bike ride this year, came back with a huge smile, later we popped to our neighbours house and shared a curry, it was great catching up, loads of chatter and some red wine.
We had Sunday at home, all day, it was wet, windy and grey skies all day, Will popped in with mummy for a quick hello, he took his new hand knitted jumper home with him. I got my sewing machine out and made another shopping bag, I used some material from my stash, it had been there for ages.
I did pop across to my neighbour Chris and we practised our poem we are learning the signs for, it's The Last Hedgehog by Pam Eyres, she has published a book to raise money for the hedgehog charity. I do love to sign songs and poems, it makes signing fun.
Storm Freya, was not as bad for us as expected, loads of rain and wind, enough to keep me inside, she did not harm our garden, our shared fence is still very wobbly, but so far the panels are holding, once the better weather comes, my raspberries cover most of the area. We are expecting rain everyday this week, so loads of crafting plans.


  1. I'm glad the storm didn't damage the buds on your tree, I think I remember them getting frosted last year. It's still very windy here today, it's been terrible all night. What a sad poem highlighting the plight of our hedgehogs, we still see quite a few around though.

  2. A lot of wind and rain here too, but fortunately no damage. I was working all weekend so it didn't really bother me. Your flowers are looking beautiful. I have a few more daffs coming through, but no bluebells yet and nothing else seems to be making an appearance yet. Best, Jane x

  3. I heard the wind blowing down the flue yesterday afternoon and evening, not any damage in the garden except for a small branch off the oak tree! After all that sunshine I think the garden needed this rain though, my pots were looking a bit dry. Your pots of spring bulbs are looking lovely.

  4. H.E.Bates once described the flowers of the magnolia as 'Alabaster Chalice's' I've never forgotten that description, so apt, and I always call them by that name now.

  5. I'm glad your flowers survived the storm fairly well. We still have plants bent way over from our 18inch snow. I'm not sure they will recover! I love seeing your spring goodies!

  6. I'm not a fan of hyacinths the perfume is a bit too much, your look lovely.
    It was very windy here, but no damage.



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