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Friday, 8 March 2019


These are stunning
Two stalks blooming together 

 3rd stalk still growing
 This space in the sitting room is perfect for plants
I am missing watching the blooms on my Amaryllis, we are in Somerset for a couple of days, today Friday 8th is my sisters birthday, so we have travelled down, I'm about to go out and spend the day with her, which will involve gardening and craft, as it's her birthday, she gets to choose where to go. Later we have booked a meal with 2 of my brothers and her partner, and of course my hubby, hubby will spend the day with my brother Martin. We are also celebrating Martin's retirement from work. 
I made her card, using the blue's and purples she loves, plus butterflies, everything was handmade here except the butterfly stickers, I am now trying to make cards without purchasing too much ready made. I cut the numbers and the tiny butterflies into the card and have inserted blue card inside, the label with her name on is added on top of the card. I have loads of dies and coloured cards in both flat and shiny colours. I normally make cards using A4 card and cut to size, I have loads of different colour A6 envelopes to match my cards.
We are driving home tomorrow as on Sunday hubby is out for most of the day, so more craft time for me, I will be getting my sewing machine out, I want to make another knitting bag for a birthday gift for a friend.


  1. What a lovely card. Enjoy your time with your family, it sounds like you've got lots of fun in store. Many happy returns to your sister.

  2. They are stunning, enjoy the weekend.

  3. How nice that you can all get together to celebrate! Enjoy!

  4. Lovely to get together and celebrate.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  5. Another great hand-made card. It sounded like such a wonderful trip. Checked-out the knitting bag link, and it's so cute! I'm sure your other friend will like it too.

  6. Enjoy your weekend away. Hope your sister has a great birthday

  7. WOW ... that amaryllis is stunning. My flowers have died now but its sending out some bottom leaves that it didn't have before? Beautiful card, happy birthday to Sis and Happy Retirement to Bro.



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