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Monday, 25 March 2019


I have pure joy in watching this plant flower, I purchased it last December and all the buds fell off once I got it home. The pink is stunning against the blue of my bathroom walls. 
 I have redone my stack of pots and moved them just along the fence. 
 I also got some more oyster grit, I love it under my Acer, it gives this pot a Japanese feel. I have also dug out the sink behind, which had mint in, but never looked good, just need to decide what to plant. 
 This plant is about to flower again, I get flowers twice most years, it's obviously happy in the greenhouse.
 I cut my sarracenia plant back, the foliage had dried, but now I have what looks like a bud growing, this is new to me, can't wait to see what this is. 
Saturday morning after housework, we popped out for a couple of hours, a trip to Homebargains and B&Q, back to the village for lunch at our favorite bistro, I popped to our local pet shop to purchase the grits I required for the garden, it's much cheaper getting it loose and supporting a local shop.
I spent a couple hours in the bottom of the garden, by my shed, just moving pots and sorting the butler sink and Acer pot. Hubby added a new socket to the top of the stairs, our new front door which is now not all glass has made the hall and stairs darker, so we can now plug in a sensor light, with a torch which will light up in a power cut.
We spent the evening watching TV, I finsihed the socks and did a bit more to my jumper, I will show photo of the socks next time.
Sunday was lazy morning and then I popped out for a coffee with eldest daughter, we went to garden center and Hobbycraft, both of us were good, I did not purchase anything, we enjoyed catching up together, followed by another evening of knitting, I need to get my jumper finished by next weekend. I did spend time looking at the heathers in the garden center, as a possible display in my butlers sink.
I woke up early this morning, lovely blue skies and bird song, a perfect start to the day and it's Monday so Will be arriving later to spend the day with us.


  1. What a lovely weekend just pottering, it's nice not to have plans and just spend time in the garden or popping out for a coffee.

  2. I did a bit of gardening yesterday as it was nice and sunny and warm out of the wind. Usually Ginger would be sunning herself by the back door, so it's quite hard at the moment to get out. Work keeps me busy, so that helps. Best, Jane x

  3. It's so uplifting when it's sunny and warm and we can get out in the garden isn't it? Everything bursting into life, lots of buds and flowers, makes your heart sing.

  4. It was a lovely weekend with the nice sunshine wasn't it. We had family here yesterday as DS celebrated his 34th birthday - a full house!

  5. We have been in our cottage garden everyday but still have a job list as long as your arm. We go back home tomorrow and there will be more garden jobs waiting for us there no doubt. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend - your Christmas cacti does look stunning against the blue.

  6. I love those stacked blue pots. You do such a lovely job at container gardening.

  7. I've yet to have a good potter in the garden yet, always something else to do lately. I always give myself Sundays off, only thing that gets done is ironing and then it's my day 😁

  8. Your Christmas Cacti looks lovely, what a gorgeous colour.

    All the best Jan



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