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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Growing time

Tulips have started to shoot
The middle bulb went soft, but the rest are looking good
 I normally keep the vase under my desk out the way, but near to the heat.
Hyacinth still not looking to tall
I just can't grow these 
I'm really pleased with my spider plant and it's lovely babies
I'm not worried if I get too many, our local community center has plant sales later in the year, so I can pot some up and pass them on.
My second Amaryllis is starting to grow
So it's in our sitting room. 
I went for a lovely walk this lunch time, the sun was shinning, loads of birds singing, with my warm scarf and gloves on just like spring. A perfect January day, with a refreshing break from work. I am managing to walk every day and my steps are looking good.  I weighed myself and the pounds have started to fall away, I'm not on a diet, just being sensible with what I eat.
We have been eating lovely meals from our freezer this week again, it's madness how we fill the freezers to the brim, hubby did buy some lovely ham off the bone for Sunday brunch, I never eat the sliced hams you can get from the supermarket, they are so processed and nothing like real ham.
Hubby did a shop at Tesco, more for cleaning and toiletries than food.
My sister and her partner will arrive tomorrow, we have planned a meal in our local pub, we have not been there for years, but with new management we thought we would give it a try. Saturday hubby is doing a full roast beef dinner for later in the day.
I have no plans for Saturday, will see if Leanna want's to go or do anything, she does like to shop, and I would like to get the fabric for the babies cot quilt. I have not done any knitting, I have just finished another book. Wild Designs by Katie Fforde, a bit of a romantic light novel for me, but it was a nice change.
I am now bookless, I might see if we can get time to go to the local library, it's not cheap to read so many books when I have to buy them.


  1. Even though it is cold it is so good to get out and have a nice walk, I have been have one daily, it is very refreshing. Your spider plant looks very healthy, I am going to get one if I see one about any where.

  2. It's a beautiful day here too today, lovely to see some sunshime after all the dull days we've been having.
    My Amaryllis has started to shoot this last week, i'm so glad because last year i had a dud, nothing grew at all.

    We have done a lot of from the freezer eating this month too, sometimes you have more than you actually think in there :-)

    have a good weekend

  3. Hello, another Marlene (not Simple Living Marlene), we attempted a walk today, too, but it was just too cold for us, even wrapped up!
    Your plants are coming along beautifully!
    Margaret P

  4. Hope you have a lovely time with your sister! I love the way that spider plants have babies, they are incredible aren't they, you will have lots of lovely new plants soon!

  5. Oh I haven't had a spider plant in YEARS! Once I get my craft room up and running this will be one of the plants hanging in front of the windows. No curtains, just plants :)

  6. I got out yesterday and am hoping to today. I don't like being cold, at all. But yesterday we had a sunny warm day. First sunshine we've seen in over a week. I LOVED it! Your flowers are so nice looking. I have a lot of plants and three of my indoor plants have suddenly taken a turn for the worst. I don't know why. One was beautiful and thriving just two weeks ago. I potted some hyacinth bulbs indoors. I'm crossing my fingers as I do love they way they smell. Good luck with yours.


  7. Happy reading... I hope you found time to visit the library, they are so under threat from closures around here, we need to make more use of them.



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