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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


My 2nd Amaryllis  has two tiny shoots
But my Hyacinth bulbs are not growing at all
 A tiny orange pip, which is now a plant
Plus my Poinsettia's 
My office has loads of colour
I am desperate to grow things, it's far too early for seeds for the greenhouse, I will start a few next month inside the house, our spare bedroom is very warm and sunny. I don't have too much space, but I would like something growing soon.
In my raise cut flower bed, I have seeding showing, they are really early, so I have covered the whole bed with perplex in hope I can save the seedlings from frost damage.
There is snow in our fore caste, but along the south coast of England, we miss alot of the bad weather, so I am, like loads of others keeping everything crossed we miss the worst of the weather.
This little baby jacket is coming along well, I started by counting how many stitches we required for both fronts and the back, I knitted every side as one piece to the arm hole shaping, this is something I do often, it saves sewing up and looks much neater. For the first time I am trying to be clever, as the jacket is for a small baby, I want as little sewing together as possible. So after I knitted both sleeves and did the first raglan shaping. I inserted the sleeves into the hole on the main part, so I am now stitching the yolk as one piece. I did get my note pad and worked out the raglan decreasing. So far so good, this could be wonderful or a complete disaster, I just have to keep going with everything crossed it's going to work.  This Alpaca wool is the softest wool I have every used.
I have not done any cross stitch, I still want to finish Joyful World before I start my next big project, which will be the Welsh guard cushion, I have an idea for the bottom corner to make it look different, but I won't tell hubby until it's finished.
I have been good and not read any books, I have a couple waiting for the right moment. Plus I am walking every day, my steps average out between 8000/ 9000 per day, I am achieving my active walking each day, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.


  1. That's similar to how I knit baby jumpers, I like the less sewing as possible too.

    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I understand the urge to start growing, I potted on my indoor herb pots at the weekend and now want to get the chilli seeds started. I saw some baby camel and silk yarn on a podcast, Crafternoon Treats, this morning and thought how lovely it was. My knitting is still the main focus of crafting but I will be looking through my crochet shawl patterns later.

  3. The cardigan does look so soft.
    I'm still concentrating on the Joyful World, just one more month to do now.

  4. I've never grown hyacinths from bulbs, I usually just buy them as they're ready to flower. I hate sewing up seams so the way you're knitting the little jacket sounds perfect to me, the less sewing the better, I think that's why I like knitting socks, no seams to sew up.

  5. I'm absolutely itching to get growing things too and must confess I have about 40 seedlings of tomatoe, aubergine cabbage and cauliflower all in the windowsill of our living room at the moment!



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