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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dull out, interesting inside

Yesterday we went out for lunch and had afternoon tea
with daughter and SIL
 I love the miss matched plates and cups, the food was wonderful
Local to our daughter was the Cork and Cheese
Wine shop and deli with a lovely seating area
I am loving using my knitting bag, I have to pack this away each time I am finished with it. Purdy really loves the wool's to play with so I can't leave anything by my sitting room chair. It is compact but with the pockets useful, Here's how I made it
 It sits on my sewing box, with my sewing machine and other bags
The red bag Pam made me, it keeps my cross stitch in the frame neat and tidy
Behind is another quilted bag made by Pam, she is brilliant at patchwork.
At the back is my Patchwork tool's and fabric holder, which I recently made.
This part of my office is tidy all the time and very pretty to look at.
 I have finished the yolk of the baby jacket and it has worked, all I have to do is knit the two front bands and sew the lower part of the sleeves together. I really hate sewing knitting together, so this has worked well for me. I have another to knit using the same pattern, but this time I am going to add cables on the fronts and sleeves. 
 I have re-potted my Bouganvillea Amarilla which I got in Tenerife last September, it's now huge and healthy, the hope is for it to fill out and look less twig like. 
I managed an hour in the garden and greenhouse this morning, I harvest the last couple of sweet peppers from the greenhouse and did a general tidy around, it's full in the greenhouse, I have my olive bush and citrus plants, plus a couple of cacti which don't like being waterlogged in there. My shed is also full with loads of ceramic ornaments from the garden. I did cut back the small side cottage garden, the seed heads had been eaten by the birds and the cold wet spell has softened everything, which then dropped over the edge. I can see bulbs starting to grow around the plot, a promise of things to come.
I have also managed an hour doing my 2016 blog book, I have to manually transfer each post and photo's, which is slower, before Blogger would copy over all the items in bulk. It is slower but much easier as I do one post at a time.
I have few plans for this evening, the last Sherlock is on at 9pm, it's a case of keeping warm and crafting.


  1. That tea looks amazing, nice to have a treat with the family, and I really love mismatched china.

  2. The old phrased for lovely yet mismatched crockery used to be "crazy tea set".

    Looks splendid.

  3. Your afternoon tea does look delicious.

  4. The afternoon tea looks lovely, it feel like such an indulgence having afternoon tea don't you think.
    I love your little project bags, i'm trying to be more organised in how i store my WIP's this year, it does look tidier that way.
    Great progress on the cardigan, i hate sewing up too so i might try this next time.

  5. Loved the title of your post.. it really sums up life at the moment! Jx

  6. Your afternoon tea looks delicious, yum yum. I've only recently started using a dedicated knitting bag but they're so handy to keep everything together. I like the pockets you've put in yours to keep all the bits and pieces organised.

  7. I have just seen your blog via Simple Living, and what a lovely blog it is! However, I find reading the print over the poppy background just a little difficult, but I will persevere! Nice to have found a lovely 'new to me' blog!
    Margaret P



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