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Monday, 28 September 2015

A bit of this

I decided if I'm not drinking for a month,
the last bottle should be a good one
This is my favorite red wine
and yes it was lovely with a steak meal.
We had a good busy stay at home weekend, popped to town for just a few things, and no extra's. Sunday I cleaned the sitting room, did all the corners so it all sparkles, I moved the furniture around to our 'winter layout', this ensures nothing is in front of the radiators. Soon it will be time to have the heating on, it's cold now getting up at 6am most mornings.
Sammy came over to visit with his Lego, we helped to build boats.  Su also popped in and she has confirmed how her wedding cards will look, it's just up to me to make them, I ordered all the supplies we require. After lunch we went out on the motorbike for a couple of hours, it was fun and not too cool. Next weekend we are away for 'Ride to the Wall', we have everything crossed it will be dry.
 I have also finished my last holiday book, it was a good read, not great but good
Lots of things around me, plus this time of year has given plenty of thinking time, not sure if that is good. 
After speaking to my doctor I cut back on the tablets I have been taking since my cancer scare, I should finish them in December after 5 years, but for now I have cut back to just taking them three days each week, and will stop in late October. I am feeling so much better, I have read so many reports where the side effects for the tablets impact on so much of your health and I have heard of many women not lasting the five years. So I am walking more, hubby is now cooking all meals from scratch, no hidden added stuff, just good ingredients, no snacking (that's my downfall), I am already eating much more fruit and hitting my 5 a day target. My head is in the right place to loose some weight, I want to get my cycle out and get going on it, and I will soon be looking for yoga classes.
After checking our new finances (you know life after hubby's salary), things won't be too bad, we will have to think about any larger purchases, but because we have stopped all the unnecessary purchases, we should still live at a nice level. Our plans were right on, we have most of what we require for the next couple of years, then we will revisit everything, so I can retire. We still have a nice level of spending, and could trim things back if necessary, but not at this time.
I enjoy going to work myself, the office is fun, we all work hard, no ego's and my brain gets a work out
Hubby is enjoying his time at home, and is beginning to create a routine, I am certainly enjoying him being home with me, and not having him arriving home late after a long drive. So now I'm off, it's Chicken Byraini for tea, and some for lunch tomorrow, who knew life was going to be so good.


  1. I'm glad that everything's settling down nicely. I hope the 'feel good factor' will continue.

  2. I cut right back on booze intake in the summer. Checked my diary the other day and that's four months ago! I have the odd drink now, mostly at weekends but I mainly live off water. It does make a difference to health I reckon.

  3. I like a good red wine, a real ale and malt scotch but can not remember thew last time that alcohol passed my lips. No specific reason other than cutting out unnecessary calories, I still enjoy a slice of cake though. I have not missed it at all, I do use wine in cooking so buy a bottle , decant into plastic containers add some fresh herbs and freeze. Glad to hear that you can reduce the meds with no ill effects.

  4. Snacking is my downfall too. I think you do have to have your mind in the right place to lose weight, no point even trying if your heart isn't in it.

  5. Hi, I've just popped across from Jo's blog.

    Now that does look a very nice bottle of wine!

    All the best Jan

  6. Snacks are just so delicious though! My top tip is not to buy them!! Can't have them if they are not in the house! Glad you are settling into a nice routine X hoping it stays fine for the weekend for you

  7. My favourite wine too :) You have good taste.

    Food cooked from scratch is the best.....well done huby.

    I am so pleased you have the feel good factor at this time.....long may it last for you.
    My husband goes for his cancer check in two weeks.......a cancer scare last year turned life upside down.

  8. It sounds like your plans you both made worked out so well for you, that is good news. Enjoy your yoga class!



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