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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Reasons to be cheerful part 2

Carrie Rose is almost done
 Last part due in November, so for now it's packed away
 So tell me how do you start your post for your blog,
I always paste my photo's and then add words, it works for me, I do like to see photo's, if I have anything extra I always add it to the bottom of my post.
But we are all different, I always have a camera close by, and take loads more photo's than you see on here.

This week is again shaping up well
so lets go with my title

1, Late September sunshine, still wearing sandals and summer clothes 
2, Crisp clear mornings, I leave for work at 6.45am,
 it's fresh, cool but not cold and so full of promise
3,  Work is great, every one is playing nicely, no problems.
5, drive home at 3pm, sun still shinning and warm
6, hubby at home, no stress and always a smile for me
7, lovely home cooked meals, no hidden fat or sugar or anything
8, Sammy and Josh after school now on Tuesday, happy little boys
9, both daughters really happy makes me a happy mummy
10, had a pedicure from a new local shop, will go back again. 
PS, still into blue nails
Sorry for the above photo's our feet are always pretty to see, but the sandals are always welcome, I am hoping to be able to avoid shoe and boots for a while longer. The weather fore caste is good into next week.
My diet has started well and I'm feeling good, we are able to go for a walk each evening, so I'm reaching my step target. We have a health check machine in work for 6 weeks, this morning I used it, measures weight, height, which then gives you your BMI and % of fat in your body, also blood pressure and heart beats.  I have kept the print out and will use it again on 27th October, it will be a good measure of how I do this month. My BMI was not as bad as I thought, but my % of fat was high, so I know what I have to do.
We are sorting every thing for the weekend, hubby has cleaned and polished the bike, we have every thing ready to pack, we travel light when on the bike, so loads of little containers, just enough for two days.
Please have a bit of my cheer, it's really uplifting. 


  1. Your post leaves me feeling good. You are an inspiration.

    Have fun, enjoy ...........

  2. I'm still in my flip flops and hope to continue that way until the end of October at least. It's been lovely, warm and sunny here so spirits are high. I hope the cheerfulness stays when the days become cooler.

  3. I'm loving still being in flip flops! And no coat is a bonus!!
    Love the blue toes X
    What a lovely uplifting positive post :-) cheers

  4. What a lovely post, it's so uplifting to read how happy someone is with their lot in life.

  5. Lovely piece of stitchery. I always do my photos as I post.

  6. I do my blog posts like you . . pictures then add intro, picture info and conclusion.

    If no pictures, I just rattle off from the top of my head :)

  7. Thanks for the smile Marlene. Lovely stitching and have fun this weekend. Tell me the secret to your dieting. I so need to lose weight.


  8. Still in the summer blouses here too, its been so lovely this week.
    Your toe nails look great.

  9. Gorgeous colour nail varnish. I love your cross stitching.
    Julie xxxxxxx



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