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Friday, 11 September 2015

Come fly with me

Yea I'm off work now for a whole week
I have my new sun hat and 50's style sunglasses
very glamorous 
 Just need to put this lot into our suitcase
Tomorrow we are off on a big silver bird to find sunshine
 Lovely flowers for Fliss who is home with cats
plus loads of lovely things in the fridge for them 
 One last look at Broken sash, I won't stitch on this when I get back, Carrie Rose will be back in the frame, plus I must do some more knitting. I'm only taking a couple of books with me next week, no craft, just loads of prime time with hubby. 
I have to repaint my toes bright blue (it's my fav colour this summer) a quiet evening in together,  having Byrani for tea, maybe a glass of wine to start the holiday.
I will take my iPad, so I should be able to keep up with your lovely blogs whilst relaxing around one of the pools. I am only taking my small camera, for a few snaps, we don't want to spend all the time taking photo's. It's going to be about relaxing and resting, loads of giggles, nice food and wine, which means diet will start once we are back home.
Have a good weekend and a great week, we intend to, speak to you all soon, xxxxx


  1. What beautiful flowers, gorgeous colours. Have a wonderful relaxing (and giggly) holiday.

  2. Safe journey and bon voyage.

  3. Have a fantastic fun fun fun time..maria xx

  4. I hope you both have a super time away, I'm off next week too xx

  5. I hope you and your DH have a wonderful trip!!

  6. Hope you are having a wonderful time in the sunshine.



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