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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

In the garden

This little rug should be finished later today, 
I want to then stitch a tiger skin, both very pretty in their own ways. 
 I am on starling watch, all the young are out of the nest, whilst they are young, they look light brown, rather than the shiny black of adults. they are not scared and I can get real close to them, they are eating  the bird cakes as quick as we put them out. Whilst the sun shines, they fly off from the garden over our house, but yesterday I had 8 hit the glass doors, 4 of them stunned them selves, so I had to sit near to them to keep the cats away.
 I have moved this log burner, we have not used it for logs for years, we have a metal one which is much better. I have removed the lights and twigs inside and have planted a Hosta, it looks a bit sick at the mo, on top I have a large dish with water in. The birds loved the water bath. This spot is always in the shade of the tree, perfect for the Hosta.
 My first yellow rose of the season, I love yellow and white flowers, we now have a few rose bushes. The garden is looking great, today it is raining so saves me the job of watering later.
Not much planned today, I have a job interview later, it's a bit further to travel, but sounds a good job, so once again fingers crossed.
I hope to spend the day with Fliss and Sam tomorrow, Sam has had all his curls cut off, I will get some photo's taken, and later we can collect Josh from school.


  1. Poor baby birds, our nest box has remained empty this year, with 7 cats next door I think they felt a bit threatened.
    Good luck at the interview.

  2. Hope your interview went well? Love the rug! What a lovely photo of the young starling. We have the same problem with birds hitting our patio doors & someone at work told me to hang CD's up to stop them but haven't tried that! Great idea for the log burner and I'm pretty sure your hosta will pick up in there and the birds will enjoy their bath and your rose looks beautiful :)



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