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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Garden in June

This is Lotus berthelotii, which I planted in front of my Jasmin, in the pot on my decking. The first flowers are forming and they are rather pretty, the petal colours are stunning against the foliage. 
 This morning we built the second of my lean to green houses, the dull one on the left is two years old, we could not move the big tomato planter, so once we had built the greenhouse we had to place it and then add the back. You should put these against a wall, but here by the fence is a very sunny spot, so we have added a perplex back. I am so please the plastic ones have gone the windy weather breaks them so quickly.
 This view was taken earlier in the week, today had been blowy and dull, I am very pleased with our garden, Josh and Sam visited yesterday and picked and ate all the very small strawberries, they promised to come back once more were ripe. Both my fruits and herbs are doing well, it is great to eat some thing you have grown.
 Kev decided to clear the garage, a big job, he has ditched one cupboard and sorted loads of stuff we no longer use, he is now on freecycle, a local web site where we offer these things for free and the person who wants them, just pops to ours and collects. It is the most fantastic site. He is clearing a space, we have purchased another motor bike, we pick it up on Saturday.
 I do not have any sewing to show you, I pulled out Winter Watergarden, I am having a nightmare with the next stage, which are bare trees, so I tried counting to a further stage, but I was one stitch out and still it did not work, so loads of unpicking, I am going to have to work on this stage, it is so frustrating!!
Friday I was offered a job, which I have taken, I am popping in tomorrow to deal with the paperwork, and should start on 8th July, which gives me two Wimbledon weeks off.

Regarding my last post, Paula has asked for Sweet Flowers, I will pop in into the post for you Paula, I have your address, unless you have moved. I still have Romantic sampler if any one wants it.


  1. YEAH FOR ME ! ! ! !

    No, I haven't moved.

    Oh, and I know EXACTLY where it is going. The wall on the right of the medicine cabinet is bare and this would work perfectly. The shelf below holds whatever plants we have that need to be "cat proofed" so it will look wonderful.

    Now, to start thinking about what type of frame I want to show it off. If I were still in Indiana, I knoiw the exact frame my friend, with the frame shop, carried. But, alas, I am not there and she no longer has the shop :(

    WIll be stalking the mailbox in search of a package :)

  2. Congrats on the new job,that is great news.
    Oh no, so frustrating when a project its not so enjoyable.

  3. Congrats on the new job :)
    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with the knot garden



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