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Friday, 21 September 2012

What do you see

Nothing much, an unfinished flower, simple pattern, easy to make, yep you are right, BUT to me it's a first, I made this flower, it's not complete I need some edging wool. It's the first pattern I have followed, I have only ever done granny squares before. To me it was not easy, loads of terms I did not understand, but I worked my way through it.
It does look like the flowers in the picture, taken from 20 to Make, Mini Christmas Crochet, by Val Pierce. I really wanted to make something to get me going, I have started a ripple blanket, well a very small one, just 40 stitches wide, but I want to master crochet, watch this space.
 I won a kit, hearts of Canada, from Loretta, and it came today, I love hearts, and up close this is fantastic, I really must get on and finish Tree of Life, I'm being naughty, loads of time away from stitching.  Thank you Loretta, I do love it, thanks for passing it on to me. Next time I will pass on my Christmas pattern and buttons, you still have a chance to win it, check my post dated 15.09 A finish and a RAK.
It's Friday evening, after another busy day, working hard but still not enough hours in the day. Still a couple days rest, hairdresser tomorrow morning, and then fun, no plans as yet, we are going to see what happens, we had such a busy time last weekend.

Well the summer is coming to a close, the mornings and evening are getting cooler, I do love this time of year, our homes are made to be warm and snuggly, nothing nicer when you open the door to a warm house. Both cats are in more, they enjoy the sunshine through our windows.
Hope your plans are good and the come right for you.


  1. I love your sparkly nail varnish. Wishing you a good weekend.

  2. Good job on the flower . . it looks like the beginning of the flowers in the picture.

    Keep up the good work :0}



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