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Friday, 28 September 2012

Just another Friday night

 Tree of life is growing, not as fast as it should, but the lower branches are formed, the shades are perfect for this time of year. I would love to show you my ripple blanket, but I am still stuck on the 2nd row, I need to put my head together with Fliss to do some more.
 One flower on the top of our tree, late September is not the time for our Magnolia to flower, but this bloom is there, very pretty in pink. Soon the leaves will drop, Autumn is on her way, we have missed the flooding again, our area drains very well, we have had days of very heavy rain. So now is not really the time to buy a bike, but mine arrive today, it's a Raleigh, Oakland. I am loving the basket, hubby gets his on Sunday, we are off this weekend to get helmet, gloves, light and a lock. I feel a Miss Marple moment coming on!
We have a busy weekend ahead, tomorrow whilst hubby and Son-in-law play golf, Su and I are off to the spa, with a pedicure added in, should be a good time. Sunday I want to spend some time with Fliss, now she is working I don't get to see her enough, so I am hoping to take her out for a nice afternoon tea. Then some time with Josh, Sammy and daddy, so days are planned. We were talking about going out for a meal tomorrow evening, will have to see how we feel at the time, it might turn into a take away. Sunday evening will be home getting ready for the working week. 

I do want to factor in some stitching time, but we are so very busy. Well it's off to the pub for an hour.


  1. The husband and I have looked at bikes, but have yet to buy any. I do like yours . . the basket just adds to it :0}



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