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Saturday, 16 June 2012


 Not done loads of stitching, been watching football, I know, it's football, but I have been enjoying the matches. Last night we went out for a meal, bad for the diet, but we had a great time, and home in time to watch England win their match.
 My kit came from Hazel, Tree of life, just look at the colours, this will be in the frame very soon. Thank you so much Hazel, watch this space to see it grow.  I really do not have time to go to work any more, shame Kev does not agree with me. Below I have been shopping, I am loving every thing with our Union Jack and British icons, I have loads of ideas on how to use the buttons.
 I saw this on a blog and it's so me, so after some searching I have found the chart here, please pop and have a look, if you like samplers, you will be in heaven, my copy is on it's way to me.
Normal Saturday here, I'm baking a chocolate cake later, Josh has put in his order for his visit tomorrow.

It's blowy here, but bright and so far no rain, I love Saturday afternoon at home, relaxing and doing  our own thing.


  1. You've got a lot of beautiful projects :) Love the Union Jack buttons - intrigued as to what you are going to do with them. Are those stick on British icons or ones you sew (can't quite make it out!)? mmm chocolate cake :) Glad your weather has improved Marlene - we've had lots of rain the last couple of days.

  2. Hello

    Lovely kit from hazel, the colours are so pretty.

    Thank you for the chart link!
    Chocolate cake sounds delicious!

  3. Tree of Life is a lovely design, I'm going to enjoy watching that grow.



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