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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Chocolate cake anyone

 Chocolate cake made, with vanilla icing, fudge topping and cherries, full of calories, but for Fathers day, why not.
 Josh loved it, he had the biggest slice, ready to run around in the garden playing football, we have had a sunny day here.  Just half the cake left, guess what we are having for supper, I used an old cake stand which belonged to Kev's grand parents.
 I have done loads of the stitching, I hope to finish this area tonight and then I just have the over stitching, I am itching to do one of my other projects, but I am being good, finish this section first.
We had both Sammy and Josh this afternoon, plenty of fun in the garden, Kev go nice sepia photo's of the boys all dressed up, like enchants, for his father's day present. Kev used his new lens on his camera, so he has loads of pics.

Back to work tomorrow, see what happens there. Nothing planned for the week ahead,


  1. Delicious looking chocolate cake!
    Your stitching is looking lovely!

  2. Yummy, yum, yum, looks delicious. I love to see a cake on a nice glass cake stand, i have 4 different ones that I've been gifted with..



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