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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mix it up

 Patchwork sampler is stunning, I can smell the finish line, 3 more patterns done, I am so excited with this, I will have it framed. It's so great to have a hobby which gives so much pleasure.
 My orchid, in the sitting room, stunning, I love real flowers in the house as well as in the garden, such a delicate flower which is so sturdy and last so long.
Do you  love my daps/pumps or what every you call them, I did gym in school in daps, plimsoles to every one else, I love the way the same item has a different name depending where you live in the country or world. These are for work and they are so soft and light, with so many flowers.

Work this week has been manic, I am doing two peoples work, my arch nemesis is away and I'm loving it, no snipes, no questions to anyone, it's hard work but the atmosphere is great, loads of happy faces. Shame our boss does not notice.

Plans for the weekend include Josh and Sammy over on Saturday, loads of time with family and evenings in with hubby Kev, perfect.


  1. In the States . . or at least in Indiana, we called shoes you wore in gym class either "gym shoes" or "tennis shoes." I usually called mine "tennies".

    I like yours with the flowers . . . my feet would look like fat boats in decorated shows :0}

  2. You are on the home straight with Patchwork, it's so pretty.
    It always amazes me how just one person can cause so much unhappiness and it's not till they are absent it becomes so apparent, I'm so pleased you have had a better week work wise.
    Enjoy your family weekend.

  3. Wunderschön , der Sampler und auch die Blüte .
    Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie der Sampler weiter geht.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  4. Love the stitching - can;t wait to see the completed piece.
    Hope somebody does notice that you are having a great time at the moment at work. Perhaps your boss is just shy...
    Julie xxxxxxx



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