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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summer fun

 Come out to play Nanna and Josh, I have my ball, and there is water here at the right height for little boys, Sunday was such good fun, the warm day was bliss, we have loads of photo's, you can never have enough photo's of your grand sons.

 I have copied the present Fliss and Steve gave Kev for fathers day, don't the boys look cute, we had one big copy, a smaller one and loads of small photo's, there were five different settings, just perfection.
 I have done loads more of Sweet Flowers, my stitching mojo, is on the wane, I keep at it, but my heart is not there. I have loads of apt's on my ipad calling to me, and I'm still following the football, England are playing tonight.

TUSAL time, not the best pot, but every little helps.

I am sat here wishing for the weekend, work is bad, just one person can change the balance of an whole office, she will never change, so my CV is with a few recruitment agencies, we will have to see what the next few weeks will bring. But it's a sunny evening, so I am going to sit with hubby and cheer for England.


  1. Your photos are lovely, you have very sweet grandsons!

    Your Sweet Flowers is looking so pretty and your Tusal jar si great.

  2. Those pictures of the grand sons are just adorable . . I like their clothes and the color of the photo.

  3. Beautiful photos of the boys - they are so sweet.
    Sorry to hear about your job, I know exactly how your are feeling - in my case though it was the new owners!
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Love the boys photo, it's beautiful.
    I agree, there can never be enough pics of your grand babies!



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