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Sunday, 3 June 2012

A finish

 Tribal cat is completed

I used DMC threads, 745;782;783;972;976;977 and 3820, hoping it might look like our daughters childhood cat, Tiger, I am very please with it.
 It was hard as I neared the finish line to decide which shade for which pattern, on our Tiger he did not have one patch which was just one colour, hence our love of ginger tom cats.
 Here are photo's from last weekend, we saw Sammy and Josh, 
 A cheeky Buzz Lightyear
So far this weekend we have spent loads of time in the car, travelling to Somerset for the funeral of my sister in law, who lost her battle with cancer, but we are home again, a good nights rest, ready for the rest of our long weekend.

We are popping to the DIY/Garden centre for a few items, we also want to look at a pair of bikes, not motor but pedal, just to look for the moment, we are thinking it might be fun.

Tomorrow we are having a Jubilee BBQ, with both daughters and friends, so this after noon we will watch the Queen on the Thames, and have an evening together.

Tuesday is a stay at home day, and see what happens, but I do know at some point I will stitch Sweet Flowers, I have this months patterns here waiting.


  1. Hello

    Your Tribal Cat is stunning - I love the photo of it with all the threads you used. Congratulations on that lovely finish!

    A very sweet Buzz Lightyear!

    Hope you enjoy the extra long bank holiday weekend!

  2. Love the tribal cat! The colors and pattern are wonderful! :D

  3. Hope your BBQ didn't get rained out. I watched the Jubilee on the Thames and saw the rain pour down.

    Tribal cat is gorgeous.

  4. Your tribal cat is stunning and the colours are lovely. Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law - my thoughts are with you all. Hope your barbq wasn't too wet and enjoy the rest of the jubilee holiday.

  5. Tribal Cat looks amazing.
    I'm so sorry to read of your SIL's passing.

  6. Tribal cat is lovely - what a gorgeous design! I love your colour combos - looks just like a ginger tom should do!
    Sorry to hear about the passing of your SIL - sad time for you all



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