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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Postie's been again!

 I have been naughty again, another new start, making a rug for a dolls house.

I have made this design before, I am making if for my February RAK, I know who will be receiving it, but you will have to wait until next month, I have decided to pass this to the person who has left the most comments on this blog, I am doing a second item for a lady who gives me the most wonderful comments.
 The postman has been again, so soon, but I have purchased the threads and buttons for Simply Christmas by Waxing Moon designs, I have been good/naughty and brought two sets, after I finish this design I aim to pass it on with the buttons and the main mixed colour thread for the word Christmas, another of this years RAK's.
Don't you so love the colour of these threads not the best photo, but they pass from red yellow and green. 

Life has been hard this week, my hubby Kev came off his motorbike on Sunday, and he is bruised and sore all over with a broken foot, lucky he wears all proper biker gear, the really nice driver of a black BMW, who caused the accident, stopped, saw people were helping Kev and then he disappeared, nice chap. The poor bike looks a mess, but Kev is here, walking wounded, but here. 

So we are planning a weekend at home, doing nothing, hope to see Josh and Sammy, pop to the craft club, and stitch. 


  1. What a gorgeous RAK! I'm so sorry to hear about your husband and the accident. I hope someone got the drivers registration. I hate idiots who do things like that.

  2. Did anyone catch his license plate number? Oh that man should so loose his license!

    Glad Kev is doing well - walking wounded - we can handle!

    You have been bad ordering haven't you? Oh well, better than all the other vices you could have!

  3. How awful that your husband had an accident on his bike and how bad of the driver to leave the scene. I hope he makes a complete and swift recovery.

    As always your stitching is so beautiful. I love the buttons.

  4. I'm glad to hear your husband is alright, despite the broken foot. I hope someone got the license plate number of that lovely BMW-fella!

  5. Glad to hear your husband is alright, despite the broken foot. I hope someone got the license plate number of the BMW-fella! Keep on stitching :)



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