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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Stitchy Saturday

 There is a new craft club starting in our museum in Fareham, and Fliss and I popped along.
Our museum is a town house in the centre of town, it has loads of little rooms and deals with local history, they tried to have a knitting club but the is did not attract many people, so they have thrown it open to all crafts. Yesterday was the second week, we had 4 people there for the whole 4 hours, but loads of people passing popped in, we are hoping for more next week.

I decided to take a small project, I am stitching a matching back for my cat tree ornament.
below is the result of an afternoon working with my beads, total disaster, just as I was finishing the tree the wires snapped and so I still have a bowl of beads.
This morning I have an appointment at our local hospital, I am having a body scan, if the results are clear, I will be given a date for my last operation, should be with in the next 6 weeks. Very exciting, I have been told it is a much bigger operation that I was first told, but it will rid me of all my niggling problems.

Later we are going for a walk around Portchester castle, the sun is shinning here, it's cold but we can wrap up warm.

Scan went well, waiting for results...


  1. Good luck with the body scan - I had a head scan last year - for a trapped nerve in my leg.......
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Good luck with your scan! I hope you get the results you are looking for.

  3. Good luck with your sacan.
    Hope the craft club continues to be popular...how nice to be with other crafty people!

  4. lovely stitching :)

    every time I try to bead I end up spreading them everywhere like that!

  5. I hope all has gone well today for you xxx



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