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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Guilty stitching

I have finished the first part of sweet flowers, it has just two colours, 
the leaves are a shade lighter.
The flowers are beautiful
now back to romantic sampler

I went shopping in Hobbycraft yesterday, and found felt tags in the sale, 10 tags for £1, great value, I have brought them to use a present tags this year, but I have extra, thought I might make a Happy Christmas banner with them, I also got a pack for Fliss, the third colour is white not pink.

My great niece Riona was born last night, a second grandchild for my brother Martin,it will be a while before we get a cuddle they are 100 miles away, but mum and daughter are both doing well.

My guilt was, I should have been finishing Romantic Sampler, it's promised to Fliss


  1. Why guilty stitching.........?
    You should never feel guilty about a little bit of stitching!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. That was good news. Each new baby is a miracle.

    Beautiful stitching and a good bargain from Hobbycraft.

  3. No need to feel guilty about those beautiful flowers Marlene, so pretty!
    Congratulations on the new niece ..... such a pretty name too.

  4. Beautiful stitching.
    Love the idea of the Felt Tags. Why can I never think of anything different ??

    Good luck and Happy sitihing.

  5. Beautiful flowers...and no need to feel guilty!
    Congratulations on your new niece!



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