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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New year, new start

 This is a delight to stitch and to look at.

I have not finished Romantic sampler, but on Sunday I received the first part of Sweet Flowers, it is being released a section each month, and I just had to start stitching it, I am half way through the first part, once I have stitched this section I will go back to Romantic Sampler.
 I am stitching on 28 count white linen, it just has 4 colours
 Angie, the designer's blog is here I love stitching the lace effect.

My heart tree is filling up, I have added a couple of non stitched hearts, my wooden heart in the front I have had for years, it's so smooth to touch, this lives on my dining room table.

Work was good yesterday, I am yoyoing between having the January blues and feeling OK, I will fight it, 10 days gone a third of the way through the first month, the year is going as fast as last year.
Fingers crossed I might have some real good news next time.


  1. Oh Marlene the new sampler looks delightful and I love your heart tree - wouldn't mind copying that idea :) I think everyone has the January blues and as you say 10 days gone already :)

  2. Love your heart tree. Great idea for 2012.
    Pretty colors for that rose.

  3. I also would be very tempted to start this, it looks very pretty. I have so many half worked bits and pieces, I won't dare start anything more. Last year was the year to finish all the started things, I did manage to finish two patchworks and a needlepoint cushion but still have a few things to go! Enjoy your stitching and swap between them, sometimes you just feel like a change, don't you? I love your heart tree, what a lovely idea. Happy New Year. Gill x

  4. I love your taste in samplers. Fingers crossed you get the good news you are hoping for.



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