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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Stitching update

 Sunday morning again, with stitching to show, so not a bad week, I have been working on the rug, it's coming along well, I hope to finish the bold patterns and stitch the centre this week, I did start stitching the infill, but decided the colour was wrong, so I have to start again.

I am using DMC 906,937,3364 for greens and 830 for the brown, the pattern came from the book below, I love most of the designs in here, but they use Appletons Crewel wool, and I prefer my silks.  The authors have a second book, which I have, so I have stitched a few of their designs for Somerset House.

 I wanted to show you the thread I purchased, from Weeks Dye Works, it is called Noel, the colour in the photo I took in a previous blog did nor show true, these are  much better, can't wait to get this on my frame.
We have not done much this week, Kev has been off work and has not been walking to great, his is much better but it will take a few weeks before he is all mended. As for the bike we are waiting to hear what is to become of it, because of the damage we are unsure if they will fix it or just pay out for it.

We have seen both Fliss and Su this weekend, Su and Gav are finishing off their kitchen, she is so happy, it does look nice, I really do like the colours they have chosen only the worktop and tiles left to do. Fliss's little family are all well, we saw Sammy yesterday, full of smiles toddling around the house, he has found the patio doors facing the garden, and he loves to see the birds, my glass was full of dirty little hand marks, but a pleasing sight for a Nanna!

Today I hope to get out my sewing machine, I have a few things to finish , I keep promising to get them done, and I have space on my heart tree to hang them.

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  1. Your rug is coming along nicely! I actually think the colors look well together. Then again, it is your eye that matters most when stitching!

    I am gonna have to find that book somewhere. I love oriental rugs!



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