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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Su's hen weekend

This is the coast in Dorset, we stayed in a large converted barn near Dorchester.
The weather was perfect, we spent Saturday morning in Monkey World,
and the afternoon at Lullworth cove.
The views were stunning, the weather was perfect.

Sorry the photo is the wrong way, but we were stunned to see this bucket tree, great fun.

The fridge at the start of the weekend, I am pleased to say we did not drink all of it and took home loads of bottles. This photo was taken before we did the weekend food shopping.

My daughter Su is getting married in August and her hen night was always going to be cat themed, we all wore ears and our cat names. As this weekend included the "mums" it was more of a fun time, the younger one's are out clubbing next month for their big night out.

This is just before our BBQ, which was cooked without any male present!!

We have the wooden floor being laid today and tomorrow, it was started yesterday and so far is looking good. I hope to have our furniture back in the dining room by mid week. It will be so nice to have everything almost back as it should look. We will have to add the skirting boards, but I am back in hospital this Friday for another op, so I want the place looking sorted for a while, the hope is no-one will notice the unfinished bits.
I will have loads of time in the next two weeks for cross stitch, I hope to have most of the work done for my red cushion front.


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