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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

How does your garden grow

It rained last night, first time in ages, and our garden was glad to have the extra water, it's cooler and dull outside, but the fore caste is for more sunny days, so I am enjoying today. I am still not allowed to do much, but I have pottered in the garden, removing dead heads from the flowers.

These photo's are from my veg plot, above is pea's the flowers are appearing so I am hope full for a bumper crop. Below is our tomato plants, the fruit is just beginning to swell, I have loads of yellow flowers, I am feeding the tomato's.

Below again is the courgette plants, grown for me by Josh, when we had our BBQ Josh checked I was growing them correctly. I have a few flowers forming and again I am hopeful the crop will be good. I have had to spray to remove the black fly. I am growing these in a large pot, my veg plot is only tiny so I am stealing all space I can.

My herb garden is coming along well, I have picked fresh coriander, mint and chives. The basil is almost ready for picking. I also have a bay tree, rosemary, sage and parsley.

Below is a photo I took, we were walking when I noticed this poppy growing in the wild, I had my camera so I snapped it. I love the delicate flowers, they are so fragile and to catch a perfect bloom is great.

I am still of work, just too sore to be able to pop into the office, I am lucky my boss is Ok with me being off, I have now the dates for my Chemo, I will have 6 sessions. So far I am lucky as I do not feel unwell, in fact I feel really healthy, but I'm sure that is about to change. The chemo team have arranged the dates so I will have a session the week after Su's wedding, thus allowing me to be as well as possible for the day. I am also going to choose a wig design should I require one. I can't fault the care given to me at our local QA hospital, it has recently under gone an upgrade, with new buildings and has all the necessary equipment and staff required for my treatment.

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