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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mid week catch up

After our week in France, I am settling back into work and home life. My tan has started to peel and work is as busy as ever.
I am now preparing for this weekend away with Su, it's her hen weekend and we are off to Dorset to share a large house on a female only 4 days.
Kev is having a blissful weekend home with Grace our cat, he has planned for a motorbike ride and a Sunday morning round of golf.

My sewing is coming along well, I am pleased with the amount I have done, I have done one third of the stitching, I have added my fifth pattern out of ten, I have all patterns ready, but I keep changing my mind on which one to put next. I won't take it with me this weekend. But I will have plenty of time in a couple of weeks to get loads done.

In the garden

I hope you can see our garden squirrel, he is a cute friendly thing, and I do love to see him eating the nuts we hang for him, BUT last night I was chasing him away from my garden, I found him digging up my newly planted seeds. Photo's are not great, he would not sit still!

My veg patch is coming along well, I have had to string some shinny bits to keep animals away, I am so pleased Kev is going to make me a second small area. I have also planted two tomato plants and two courgette plants, I have never grown courgettes before, Joshy passed them to me so I will have to ask him how I get the best results. I have also planted 6 sunflowers, for seeds for the birds.

My final photo is of another free Orchid, this one has been sat on my bathroom window sill, I left it most of the winter and started feeding it last month. I hope to have more flowers soon.

I am now preparing to go into hospital for a third operation on 11th, I will be home for at least two weeks after resting. I am planning to spend my time cross stitching my cushion front. I have a small ABC heart to do whilst I'm in for three days. So yet again fingers crossed, this should be the last op this year, I will need another but not until next year.
We are also busy with Su's wedding plans, so plenty to do.

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