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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy Weekends

It's another busy weekend here,the sun is shinning, Friday night it rained all night, so our garden looks so fresh. I can see the yellows and greens glimmering with the sun from my widow, my neighbour has a silver Birch tree (one of my favorite tree's) and it is dancing in the breeze. Below is our visiting hedgehog, he popped into our garden, scaring our cats and generally doing his own thing.For now, I have my fresh coffee to hand and time to muse on things done.Saturday morning I spent with Su, she is planning her wedding next year and we went with Gav's mum to check a wedding dress. Su had decided this dress was the one, but after seeing a picture in a wedding magazine, she was having doubts. So we all went back to the shop, Su looked stunning, I do have pics, but I can't show you yet!! I have brought the pattern to make the dress, but that's a job for next year.
later Fliss and Joshy came to see us, Kev was home after playing his Saturday game of golf. We all played with Bob the Builder trucks, how much fun can you have with a very cute little boy, who is very good at telling us he is grown up. I loved watching Joshy trying to cycle down the road with his new two wheeler bike, not quite being able to peddle himself but with mummy's guiding hand making his way home.I am having troubles with my printer which has the camera card reader, so I have selected photo's of Thomas (Black and White) and Grace (Tabby cross Ginger tom) to show you. Thomas is the older cat and twice the size of Grace, very different charactures.
I wanted to share the joke we have with our vet's our last name is Jones so we have registered with them both Tom Jones and Grace Jones, it's always a talking point if we have a new vet.

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