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Sunday, 19 April 2009

In the garden

After work I love to pop into my garden, just to look around, check everything is as it should be, water where needed, I don't have any dead heading to do, pull a few weeds. It's peaceful there, allows me to slow down after the pace of my work day.Most of the plants are chosen by me, Kev is very good at placing plants where I ask him to, he does help with the weeding, but he does not recognise the plants before they flower. His main task in the garden is the lawn and our long high hedge, both he keeps looking in great condition.

I love pots and containers, I have many around my plot adding flowers and colour thought the year. I find it a good way of growing herbs and plants that would not survive our winter.

The pot above I first saw last summer, we had a family day in our town centre, one of the displays was for a local gardeners club, they had a display the same , I planted mine last year and it looks good now, I also have an Aloe Vera in a pot, they spend the winter inside.
The Acer below I brought in a sale last September when all the leaves had dropped off, the shop just wanted to get rid of it, but I could tell it was not dead, it gathered it's strength throughout the winter and now it's full of life.

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