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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Flower's for free

It's another beautiful spring sunny afternoon here in Hampshire, in the sunshine it's great. I have had a mixed day, craft and gardening.
First I wanted to show you my free plant, I adore orchid's and last year I paid £15 for this one, for years I have thrown the plant away after flowering, but a friend told me to leave them on a sunny windowsill and let them die off and then start watering them after a couple of month's and this is my first time of having a second round of flowers.
The down side is my office window sill looks a bit worse for wear at times with half dead looking orchids.
I also love Cati's and my front porch is full of them.

This second plant was for Mothering Sunday, ( I dislike Mothers day, it's so American)
from Fliss and Josh, it looks great on my fire place with my African ladies.

I have also started making the shift dress for Su, I have done most
of the sewing by machine, I have to hand sew the bodice lining, hem
the dress and place the zip, but there's the strange bit for me, at the
moment I see a dress style I have made many times before.
But here's the fashion bit, I have brought a chunky black zip and I will place on the dress on the outside, with the whole of the zip showing, like a long black rectangle running down the back of the dress. I have seen them in the shop's so I know the look, but I have never done it before.
Su is coming for her final fitting on Monday evening.

I have finished reading the second book, very interesting looking at Henry V111 from the view of his wives, the latter thought him old, ugly, smelly breath and a vibrant bottom. A very different view.

1 comment:

  1. Your plants are lovely!
    I wish I knew about orchids when I threw mine out.
    Hope you have a good week, do you have any special plans for Easter?



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