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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mix it up

I had Monday off, soup on the menu
 Butternut squash, tomato and sweet pepper
add water and seasoning, simmer and enjoy. 
 My 3rd lot of home made bunting,
The triangles at the back are for another set for me. 
 So easy to make
November is another low spend month for me
most of my purchases are for Christmas gifts. 
So I am back to over £100 saving on last year, which I am happy with.
I will try and save another £100 next year. 

We popped to Lidl for some shopping, our bill was £31 again I was impressed. We also went into town, our parking ticket was under an hour, so we were both happy.
So November is almost done, how quickly another month has passed. 
Tonight is fore caste to be the coldest night of the winter so far, we are lucky we have  a nice warm house, I won't be so pleased when I leave for work at 7.15am tomorrow morning, but at least it's dry.
Stay warm tonight 


  1. A very thrifty post, what a great saving.

  2. It was freezing here this morning, the forecast is for it to warm up slightly tonight, but still below zero. You've done well with your spends, a £100 saving is great.

  3. Good budgeting! We are also having the coldest weather of the year so far.



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