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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Busy Saturday

 I am loving this as a fruit bowl
it's useful as it holds loads of fruits.
 Sweet peppers and a green pepper going over in the bottom of the fridge
add butternut squash, soft tomatoes and a stew pack
With hubbies home made bread
 Wearing my boots today and they are so comfortable
We woke to a good frost, so most of the flowers have gone over, the garden is now closing down, I'm pleased with my greenhouse, things are looking good in there.
This morning we went to Lidl, and got loads of great stuff, the shop is huge and so clean, we will be popping there often, sadly it was mobbed, so shopping was a bit hectic. I got a stew pack which I used to make the soup, I have frozen 5 packs for my lunches and we still have a jug full in the fridge. I have one last crop of sweet peppers left to harvest, which I will use in my next soup.
We walked to the village but got caught in a real downpour, so we sat and had a coffee in our local place, a nice treat. My boots were great, my legs and feet stayed warm, I am so pleased with them.
I have been making my Christmas cards, I'm late this year, and I have wrapped presents which we are taking next weekend when we are back in Somerset.
Tonight I hope to do some cross stitch, nothing done last night we shared a bottle of wine, and I finished reading A strret cat called Bob, which I enjoyed.


  1. The fruit bowl is gorgeous, I love anything made of wood.

  2. Your boots are lovely. I have so many problems getting comfy shoes and boots but I've just bought a new pair of boots too and they're so comfy, I've walked miles in them already and I love them. Enjoy your stitching, knitting for me tonight.

  3. Love nice, hot, homemade soup and even better to have some homemade bread with it. Your boots look nice and warm xx

  4. Homemade soup is so lovely. Nice boots. I like boots rather than shoes these days but cant understand the young people who wear them in the summer.

  5. The bowl of fruit and the boots are both awesome!

  6. We love lidls. Always great bargains. Love the boots

    Julie xxxxxx

  7. The soup and bread look yummy! We're suppose to have rain today; it's been a long time coming. Have a fabulous day! Pat xx

  8. We were due a huge downpour yesterday and it didn't arrive until now, so I'm pleased as it meant I had Sunday to do as I wish. Homemade soup and warm boots. 2 things that make winter a happy time!

  9. I'm supposed to be making some soup with some on its way asparagus. I'm playing bloggy catch up instead. It sounds like you had a good weekend x

  10. Like sooze I also have a soft spot for all things wooden and that fruit bowl looks fab. Sounds like you are really on top of things too, very organised



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