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Sunday, 6 November 2016


Another good book.
 My house plants are all looking good
loads of lovely new growth.

  We have had a lazy lovely weekend, my brother Martin has been with us, We have stayed in each evening, again tonight we have loads of fireworks going off, it does make me think on how much money has gone in a wizz and a bang. Our poor cats have had enough, Grace is crouched half way up our stairs, which is her safe place, Purdy just stays close to us. We have had no desire to go and watch any displays, we can see loads just looking out of our window at the huge houses at the back of us.
We are having loads of simple foods, it's really turned cold and we are enjoying the change in our diets, I am drinking cordials again, much nicer than coffee.
I have stitched the 20 flags to make the two sets of bunting, all I have to do now is iron them and attach to the tape. I am pleased so far, they are not both the same, Logan is almost 6 and Finn is almost 2, so I have done them to their taste. I also want to stitch my bag for my patchwork tools, I have cut everything out, it's placed ready to sew. Photo's next time.
My 2015 book is almost ready for publishing, I always read each page twice after I have edited it, that way I catch most of the silly little errors, I am now waiting for the printing company to send a saving deal before I buy.
Back to work tomorrow, I hope our work load will pick up this week, last week it was hard to find enough to keep us busy, I really do not like slow days.
I will look at my give away from my last post this week and give results in my next post.


  1. I love the change in seasons, we've started eating more casseroles and soups, simple and tasty xx

  2. Rocky had improved a little this year with the fireworks but still dislikes them. I watch the big display from my bedroom window and stay lovely and warm x

  3. I don't mind people having fun on Bonfire Night but the celebrations seem to go on and on for a month or so these days. The fireworks have been going off for the past fortnight here and I know a local village is having their display on Saturday. It's a nightmare when you've got animals that are scared of them, Archie's been turned in to a quivering wreck, poor thing. Your books must be lovely to look back on, even better than a photo album with the writing to accompany the photos.

  4. My DD's animals always have trouble on our July 4th when there are loads of fireworks.



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