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Monday, 28 November 2016

Family time

I am feeling festive, plants and bulbs are growing
The letters are for tree decoration for youngest grandsons
I am decorating them for their tree.
 A couple of purchases from our Christmas show over the weekend
Held at Shepton Mallet show ground, home of the Bath & West Show
I did get loads for gifts, but can't show on here
My new raised bed for cut flowers have seeds growing
 I have planted in groups, so when they are big enough I can move around my plot, the hope is to have extra plants to place in all my gardens, just leaving the plants here for use as cut flowers in the house.  
 It's a sunny day here and the garden is looking good, as quick as you pick up the huge leaves more fall, it's a labour of love as the Magnolia gives us so much please through the summer.  
 Inside flowers
the roses were a gift, the Orchids are old plants flowering again. 
 I have finished Best of Friends, the writing is brilliant, I could not put it down, the story line was close to some of my life, I do love her style of writing. 
We enjoyed our weekend in Somerset, family time is always so good, staying with my brother Martin.
Friday I spent the day with my sister Leanna, we thought the Christmas show would have been much bigger, but there was some lovely stalls, including wood craft and glass, both I love. We spent the afternoon in Glastonbury, if you want to shop away from the main brands, this is the place for you. The town has it's roots in hippy and magic in equal amounts, I am an old hippy and my sister would have been a white witch, so there was something for both of us. My last visit was over 10 years ago, but we got a seat in an vegetarian cafe for lunch, which I had always loved, good food, first visit for meal for Leanna, but she will go there again.
Saturday I spent time with my older sister Liz, who had a fall and cracked her kneecap, and yes it is painful, she is off her legs and has to rest, which is difficult at the best of times, but in the run up to Christmas it's frustrating, but her hubby Bruce has stepped up to the challenge. In the evening we all went out for a meal.
Sunday we had time with Logan and Finn, they were full of fun as normal, it's a shock to see how quickly they are growing up, we spend special time with mummy and daddy, a truly happy family.
If anyone can find out who made the changes to Blogger can you please point me in their direction, they have changed an easy lay out with everything on one page, to a disjointed front page, where we have to click on different pages just to see the information we are used too. I really can not see any benefits with these changes.


  1. Your garden's still looking lovely. It's nice to be making plans ready for a new year in the garden too. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend with family, I do hope your sister is feeling better soon, a cracked kneecap sounds very painful.

  2. I hate the new Blogger thing too, it's such a blooming nuisance now.

  3. All the flowers are so pretty and festive! I have no idea what blogger was thinking. I really don't like the new layout! I change my header often but after last night, I am going to find something and leave it up.

  4. Glad you had an enjoyable time with family. SO sorry about your sister's fall. I know someone that had a busted kneecap and it was just awful. About blogger...I agree with you. I wish they'd leave well enough alone, but they never do. They are always making changes. Good luck finding out the culprit!


  5. Ditto on the comment about the change to Blogger . . I think they took a step back in time, not forward :(



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