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Monday, 7 September 2015

Mix it up

Busy time stitching, not hiding from everyone
just stitching
 It's coming along well, 
I spent 2 days resting and stitching last week
 Sam came to play on Thursday and Friday
so Grace found a new place to hide, 
 There is a new series of Bob the Builder on TV
so out came all the old toys, Sam had loads of fun
 I have done nothing in our garden
lucky then it still looks good
 Grancha and Sam at the park on Friday
Sam leading the way to ensure Grancha knew what to do
Back to park with Logan on Sunday
 Hubby and step-son
just because they can 
We had a houseful over the weekend, a family BBQ, with all four grandsons together, it was hectic but great fun. Sunday was our 29th wedding anniversary, we don't do big things, it just tagged on after Kev's birthday and retirement. We were able to sit outside for home cooked Sunday lunch, beautiful sunny day, the boys playing, loads of chatter, but it get's so cool at night.
We went out for a meal on Wednesday evening, our favorite restaurant was too busy so we went to an American themed meal, OK, but won't go there again.
The rest of the week was written off, things coming our way which we have no control over, very intense and tiring, both my daughters have been lovely to me, they are a great comfort, hubby just supports and is always there for me.  I went back to work today, and I'm counting down to Saturday when we jet off for a week in the sunshine, we both need this break.
Today hubby's first day at home, with loads of things for him to do, he was OK when I got in from work, we have been for our walk already, so it's a sit and stitch night again, I have not forgot my knitting, but my stitching will always be my first love.
My birthday present is due tomorrow, I'm allowed to try it on to ensure it fits and then it will be packed away until November, darn!


  1. Happy Anniversary great achievement 29 years, I hope you have a lovely holiday and the weather stays kind to you :-)

  2. Now now, Grandcha looks like he's enjoying all that climbing more than Sam is, ha ha. Poor Grace, animals know just where to go when they want to get out of the way, she doesn't look too happy though. How exciting, your birthday present arriving, not so good having to pack it away again though.

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend, full of family, fun & stitching time xx

  4. Such beautiful stitching. Sounds like you had a great week-end with family!!

  5. Lovely photos. Hope your husband enjoys his retirement, mine certainly does! Enjoy your break
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. What fun times you have been having with the boys... bigger ones as well as the small ones!

  7. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. It sounds as if you've had a lovely 'family time' over the last few days. Enjoy your stitching time now! Jx



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