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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunshine in November

My free style is coming along well, I have a few plans, but will have to see how this grows. For now I want to finish the big diamond. The yellow and green squares are the same size and I plan for them to be the same stitches. 
 It's been a sunny day here, so I have been working this morning in the garden, here is my last harvest, tomato's, peppers and chillies.  I have cleared all the plants growing in my green house and have put loads of tender plants in there, we are now looking at frost most mornings. I have also planted my Amaryllis, which I will keep in my office for now.
 My pots are looking good, which can't be said for our wall, we had water penetrating and the plaster came away from the wall, hubby has stopped the water and sealed the bricks, so soon we can have it re plastered and painted. I have planted primroses today around my pots and gardens.
 This afternoon, I have mixed my cake and now it is cooking, the house smells of spice, I love this time of year. It will be cooking for four and a half hours, I then turn the oven off and leave the cake in the oven over night. I will take it out of the tin tomorrow when it is cold. The fruit looks good, I always soak it in fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice and use the zest.
 I have been making Christmas presents, cookie mixes for our grand sons in the green and blur jars. The clear jar is for daughter Su. I also want to make Su a soup mix and do another jar for my sister Leanna. Nice presents, but if you think it's a cheap option, it's not, but they will have the jars to keep for storage. I will next year start collecting Kilner(Mason) jars for jam and chutney making.
My food dehydrator has arrived and I have sliced orange, lemon and lime, apple and parsley drying, it is taking longer but I thing the citrus fruit is slowing down the process.
It's been a very productive day, soon I will go for a shower and then stitch, I was going to use my sewing machine today, but I will plan to use it in the week.

It's a great feeling when so many things have been done, Christmas is on it's way here, and I am feeling in control, again this year, I want a nice comfortable house, full of family, tradition and fun.


  1. Marlene you have been busy today. Love the jars, fancy doing something similar. Interested to hear what the food dehydrator is like. Your sewing as always looks great

  2. my, my, my . . you have been a busy beaver :)

  3. We had a lovely day today (Sunday) and I spent much of it outside. I like your blue pots!

  4. I made my cake this past weekend too, the house smelt so wonderful



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