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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Busy weekend

Can you please tell my garden it is mid November and begonias should not be in flower, we have had a couple of light frost this week, but every where I can see summer flowers growing.
 I have made my soup mix in jars, these are for presents. I want a large jar for me, I have an idea to keep them separated as I use them. My home made presents are coming along well, I hope to start wrapping presents this week. My tree will go up on 1st of December, a bit early but I am feeling festive.
 I have done some more stitching, but it has been a busy week, 
I hope to do some more this evening if I am not too tired.
 We headed back to Taunton in Somerset yesterday to spend time with Logan, mummy and daddy let us have him for the day. Here we are enjoying cake after a trip to the museum, and before going to the toy shops.
 Grancha was happy to help Logan, every where in the museum there were things for younger children to do and touch, here they are building churches and church windows. This part of the building is a castle, only a small one, but great fun for little boys of all ages.
 With my love of wood this carved tree was wonderful delight in the entrance.

 The windows were fantastic, and the views outside great, here are just a couple.
 One room had loads of poetry on the walls, we both loved this one.
We had a great evening with mummy and daddy, stayed in and chatted together. This morning we were woken up just after seven with Santa singing Jingle Bells and a very excited little boy. We are so lucky, our grand sons are so loving and happy.
Home for the rest of the day, spent some time in the garden, picking up leaves from our magnolia tree, the leaves are huge and I don't like to leave them on the lawn.
Now we are snug and warm inside, just the two of us, nothing much planned, well maybe an early night.

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  1. Love your soup jars - what an excellent idea - only ever seen the cookies ones. The colours on your latest sewing project are beautiful. Love the photos at the museum :)



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