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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It works

I have finished stitching this heart, it's bigger than I wanted, but now it's done I love the shades of brown, both Su and Fliss love it, so I'm hoping Nic will love it too.
 I hand washed the piece to remove the soluble canvas, which washed away completely. I would use this again if I could get it in a smaller count. If you look below you can not see any shiny canvas left.
Now I have to stitch it into a heart, I plan a sewing day with my machine this weekend, I have a few things to stitch. 
 Not the best picture of my cat, but I have done more, the shades of grey are so very close, it hard to tell them apart, it is a hard photo to take and below is the best I could do. I have almost finished the paw and next I will get on with the nose and mouth. This is very cute.
My heart is on my wall, this corner of our office being mine and fully of crafty items, my green basket on the shelf is full of finished items. Not sure if you can make out my TUSAL jar, it's getting full, loads of stitching this year.
Today is bonfire day and tonight is all about fireworks, our cats are in and safe, and we have no plans to leave them. Josh and Sammy are having a firework party at home with their daddy. We do not go to displays, once there you have to stand for hours, and if it rains you get very wet.
I plan to stitch the cat tonight, and then back to Grand Marquoir.

With a rare weekend at home, I plan to finish sewing Christmas presents, and making the cookie jars, I have been looking on the net and getting hints on how to layer them so they look good and printing the recipe. I am in full Christmas mode, my cake should be baked this weekend.
I also want to potter in the garden, any dry day I will spend an hour just keeping every thing tidy.

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  1. WE always stay home and keep the cat company, so pleased we did too it was raining here and there were very little in the way on bangs and booms, I think a lot of families went to organised displays at the weekend.

    Your little space looks lovely.



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