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Saturday, 2 November 2013

3 projects at once

I have framed my heart, I did it myself, the black frame has a clip on back, I got it from Hobbycraft for just £5.00, I am really pleased with this and it is now on my office wall. Today we got Tribal Cat back from the framer's and it is looking good, but that's a present from hubby for Christmas, so you have to wait to see a photo. 
 I have done a bit more on my little cat for Su, it's coming along very well.
 I now have the extras I require to get this heart finish, I am stitching tonight, and I should have most of the cross stitch done, I am making a pocket closure on the back and will use two of the buttons, not sure which ones to use yet.
 I saw these and fell in love, so very different, and I have managed to get a chalk pen.
 We have been to town today and purchased more Christmas presents, and I'm very pleased, both presents of for male family members and they are not easy to choose. Our Christmas shopping is coming along well, have to think of what to get hubby, he has most every thing he wants. I am also looking at cookie mixture in a jar, I want mine to look good. I am in the mist of a busy making period, I want to cook my Christmas cake next week.
We are also planning our New Years Eve, not party this year, we are being rather grown up and inviting just 4 people and having a posh meal, including us all dressing up, we purchased our Fireworks today, at half price.
We are having heavy storms and then bright sunshine. I would like an hour in the garden, but I think every thing is going to be so wet. Oh well there's housework to do.
I manage to capture Grace again, not that she looks to pleased about it, I tried to snap Purdey, but every time she sees the camera she runs towards it and I end up with loads of shots of her tail and bum!

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