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Sunday, 22 September 2013


Back in the garden, I have potted up loads of plants, on the chair are from my neighbours garden and in the smaller pots on the red tub are Sweet Williams, all here ready for my side plot once all the ground works have been completed next weekend. 
 I have replanted my succulent pot (brown pot) and also planted another for a friend, these plants spread quickly, so by next spring they will be full. I have started putting some of my smaller tender plants in one greenhouse, in the hope the plants will survive the winter. The table looks a bit bare.
 Purdey has been unwell, all she has wanted to do is sleep in her basket, which is very unlike her, she is normally a nosey cat, so we decided she must go to the vets on Monday, but this morning she popped out to see what we were doing. So fingers crossed she is on the mend, other wise it will be a trip to the vets.
 Our new sofa arrived on Friday morning, we are very pleased with it, it is much smaller than the old one, but I love how it is place here. It is nice to see a fabric for a change, now to choose the wall colours. This morning we have ordered two new chairs, these are in cream leather, but much smaller than our old ones, We will have so much space in this room now.
In a moment I am off to sew, I have not picked up my work and I am feeling guilty, I have so many other things I want to stitch, so I need to finish Grand Marquoir. Later the new series of Downton Abbey is on, so at 9pm, hubby is on his own.

We have managed to pass on all the items from our garden we no longer require, our neighbour had the paving slabs we removed, a friend has the sand they were sat on. I have also dug up plants and split the roots to pass on, it's great how we are all recycling things. Now all the heavy ground work is sorted, next weekend hubby and a mate will lay the concrete, so the work will be finished, once it is set, I can add soil to my extended garden and plant.

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  1. Beautiful sofa . . . For some reason, I'm seeing a soft, eggshell blue on the wall behind it.

    It is getting cooler here, and the plants in the pots are starting to die . . so, sometime this week we will be in the front garden bed, cleaning out spent blossomed plants and dumping the potted plants.

    I am going to try to save the geraniums. Read how to winter them over without dirt . . pull up, shake dirt off roots, and store in a cool dry place . . then every month or so, soak roots in water and return to cool dry place . . that would sure save us money if they survive :)



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