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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Outside in

 So glad to see dahlia flowering again, it reminds me of mum and her garden, she had these red pompoms everywhere. I now always have one in my garden, once all the ground works have been done, I will get another one. 
We are having the Magnolia tree lopped in early October, the tree surgeon will take about 3 foot off all round, should make the tree much neater. The kiwi's are forming on the tree at the back of the garden, all the rain we are having will help swell the fruit.
 More plants for the garden, I want to plant these Sweet Williams into bigger pots, for my new bit of garden. I think I am turning into my mum, most of the plants I am choosing would have been in her garden. Laura asked if I would be growing winter veg, not really, I am a fine weather gardener.
 One last look at our sitting room
Last weekend we sold the sofa, which is also a sofa bed, and tomorrow we should have delivered our new sofa, no bed this time. We have ordered 2 new chairs, both recliners but much smaller than hubbies chair. Will have loads of space in the room, shame the cats like to sleep where we walk. 
I have done no stitching, just no time, I do pick it up and look every now and then, soon things will settle and my needle will flow. The weather is much cooler, so Paula I am wearing my body warmer again, padded jacket without sleeves. In the office we have no heating, we are in a military building and the heating gets turned on in early October, but it not to bad, we get any sunshine through the windows.

No plans for the weekend, stay at home, last weekend we were rushing around looking for new furniture.


  1. Hello Marlene,
    The red Dahlia is lovely. All of the plants look very healthy. They will be so nice in your garden. The view outside of your window is stunning. I cannot wait to see your living room furniture!
    Much love,

  2. Hi Marlene, I love your red dahlia and how your garden grows! Would love to see your magnolia tree. I'm an admirer of its scent.
    Stay well!
    best, Tracy



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