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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

About time

I know it's just over 2 squares, but I enjoyed stitching
 So far so good, just 12 squares to go
 Up close, because this does look good.
This is for Fliss my daughter, not sure how she wants it finished. 
  I love every thing about this, the material colour, which was in my stash and the silk colour. These close up just show how perfect it all goes together. 
I have seen this mainly in Red on White, 
but one lady did it using bright primary colours
Our weather is dry and warm afternoon sun, which is a nice way to end to September. There has been alot of foggy mornings but we are missing most of it. Fingers crossed the weekend weather is good, get the garden path finished, and then we can plan more gentle projects.
Paula, not blue in the sitting room, it's not the sunniest of rooms, thinking more sage greenish, two shades.

I have enough tomatoes for chutney, will make two types, one with chilli and the other with apples and onions, but not tonight I hope to stitch again, hubby is away and I am having Pizza and relax.

Purdey is looking much better, still not quiet herself, but much better, she was lazing in the sun when I got home from work, which was very pleasing.


  1. Glad to hear about Purdy. It's so hard to figure out if they are sick or just having a bad day or two :)

  2. I love that fabric.... so pretty with the white. Such a beautiful piece! Happy stitching....

  3. I love seeing pictures of this. It's just so pretty!

  4. Love the colours on the project and it is lovely. Glad Purdey is feeling better. Hope you enjoyed your stitching night with pizza :)



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