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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Is it getting cooler?

So little stitching, not even one square finished, 
life is a bit busy at the moment, 
but in a nice happy family way. 
 I went to the garden centre last weekend, 
the plants below are already in my pots. Still have a few more pots to go, 
but they are not ready for winter planting yet.
 Soon hubby will finish the ground works outside our garage and I am extending my small cottage garden, so all these bulbs will be planted in the next couple of weeks. I still need to get a few more plants, but most of them will be next purchased in the spring.
 My greenhouse's are full of items, the chili plant in the 1st one is huge I have over 20 growing, I hope to dry them and store them for cooking. The cucumber is doing great, I have had 6 good sized cucumbers and there are a couple more to pick. I have loads of tomato's, next year I won't plant any inside greenhouses.
 The pots by our back door are still full of flowers, but as the evenings and mornings are getting colder I don't expect these to last much longer, but I plan to replace them when they fade.
Work is going really well, I am enjoying dressing in nice clothes each day, before I worked in jeans and tops. I have been shopping this week for skirts and warmer clothes. The days go so quickly, the work is very rewarding, and  it's so very nice to see so many smiling faces in one office.

This weekend we are at home together, nothing planned, we will try and get Sam and Josh over on Sunday, and if it is warm a trip out on the bike. We both could do with a restful couple of days, at home.

So as our summer is coming to a close loads of plans for the coming autumn, we do have three weekends booked away in the next couple of months, all in UK, it is great to get to see so many different area's. Sorting the greenhouses and garden ready for the winter ahead.

I also want to find time for my sewing machine, as always I have stitching projects to sew, but I do fancy doing some dress making, I have fabric and patterns just need the time and inspiration.


  1. GM is looking beautiful.
    Nice selection of bulbs.

  2. Are you able to have plants/flowers outside all winter?

    It was VERY hot last week . . it actually hit 90 degrees F one day.Now, the cooler air is coming back.

    Our Rudbekia has gone wild in the front, the Butterfly Bush and Hostas have bloomed twice.

    The Chrysanthemums will be gorgeous once everything else dies down.

  3. 10 stitches are better than none, so you made progress and any progress is better than none. Your flowers are lovely.

  4. Your garden still looks lovely and your veggies are terrific:) glad work is going well. Are you going to grow any winter veggies?



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