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Monday, 18 February 2013


 Grand Marquoir is coming along well, I now have 12 squares done, 

I did some stitching but not enough. Only 6 days and the second part of Sweet Dreams will be released, I must admit I am looking forward to using the colours again, I am hoping it will be sections with the blues in.  I have a 3rd project I want to start, watch this space. I love the new year and the promise of all my projects.

 Yesterday we popped out for some fun with our cameras, we stayed about an hour as the light was fading and got some lovely shots, here are just two, I aways love the castle above, and the lone bench, far to cold for any one to sit and watch the water.
 And snowdrops from the garden, looking up at them, just for a change, I love all the spring flowers and with another sunny day, a promise of the year to come. Very interesting shot.
My massage on Saturday was great, I felt really good and had the best nights sleep, I suffer from numbness on my left side and for the whole evening and most of Sunday I was free, bliss, I will book another for next month.

Yesterday we just did loads of little things around the house and garden, which made the day rush past, but we are pleased every where is starting to look good.

Today I had my meeting with my boss, I think it went well, she was interested in what I had to say, so fingers crossed, watch this space, and please let something come of it.

Well I'm off to stitch, want to do a couple more square this week, and PS thanks to those of you who correspond via e-mail, I have been slow to answer, but I do love our conversations it's good to chat.


  1. Grand Marquoir is a gorgeous piece, it's going to look amazing when you're done!

    Love the photo of the bench :) So soothing...

  2. Lovely stitching and beautiful photos:)

  3. Your photos are great. So glad you enjoyed the massage maybe I should try one to see if it would help. Sounds like your meeting may be productive too :)

  4. Beautiful stitching and lovely photos.

  5. I still really like your piece. The fabric goes well with the floss colors.

  6. You captured some lovely images with your camera. It's wonderful when you can get a good nights sleep, i've never had a massage.



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