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Sunday, 3 February 2013

I see blue sky

 I am getting along with Grand Marquoir, I am stitching on 21 count linen, which is big for me, I normally use 25/28 count, using double strand of main colour, and I have chosen the dark green for the shadow, DMC469, but I am only using one strand, which is giving me the finish I require.
There are 9 blocks on each pattern page and 6 pages, so I have 54 blocks to stitch, so this morning I am 4/54 way through. It's very simple to stitch, I am intending to change a couple of pattern blocks, to make it mine, I have not chosen which ones not to stitch.
 Yesterday the birds went mad over a neighbours garden, 
could not see what attracted them, but it made a great photo 
 Both Purdy and Grace enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, 
this storage box is at the bottom of our small garden, 
it's a perfect place to sleep a natural sun trap. 
Lots have changed this week, Su are youngest daughter has come back home to stay, whilst she saves for her deposit for a new flat, so I spent Friday clearing out our spare bedroom, I can not believe how much stuff we had in the room.
Because of my tummy bug I did not travel back to Somerset for a family celebration yesterday, I was worried about passing on this bug to family members, so I missed a family get together. I did have a great night in alone, I managed to catch up with loads of recorded TV and films, and a bit of stitching.
Kev is away until tomorrow evening so Su and I are having a night in, I have all my long evening dress's to sort, so we are having a trying on session tonight, before sending loads to the charity shops. Next weekend we have a posh night out with my company, so I need to check what I am able to wear.
Nothing much planned for the rest of the day, I will pop in to see Josh and Sammy, and tomorrow back to work.


  1. Hello

    Grand Marquoir is beautiful!
    I hope you tummy feels better soon!

  2. GM is looking superb, you've stitched lots on it.

  3. Sewing is beautiful and what a lovely sunny spot :) sorry you've not been well but glad you're on the mend. Have a nice night out too



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