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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sights and smells

 I have finished all the pattern stitching I am doing on page 1 for Grand Marquoir,

There is a gap, where a crown should be stitched, but I am not keen on it, so I think I might stitch my own design, I am keen to have my name and the year on this piece, but I will leave the square until later, I want to stitch the next row to balance it all out. The more I stitch the more I love it, so simple. Just 5 pages to go.
 On Thursday morning it was my day to drive ( I car share going to work) and as I stopped whilst driving to take this photo, and I am glad I did, nature can pose so much better that us, I chose a photo a day for my other blog, Onedayinthelens it's great fun and makes me think differently to get a worthy photo.

 I love every thing on Jo Malone website and Su my daughter gave me this room diffuser as a present, don't get scared at the prices on the web site, it's part of Estee Lauder who Su works for and she gets discounts, my house looks like a show room for all Jo Malone products, but it does smell great, I love Lime, basil and Mandarin.
Su and I had a great time trying on all my long dresses in the week, I will  be wearing my red dress tonight, I have a hair appointment at 3, and at 6.30 we are picked up by taxi to go to my works do, we have a marquee in our warehouse of our new building, and we are having a black tie event, as a thank you from the boss, should be great fun if every one behaves (there's a free bar), but we aim to come home early.

Tomorrow is a stay at home day, Roast beef for lunch, Joshy and Sammy coming for the day, should be loads of fun.

Monday might be an interesting day at work, tell you more about that next week, all I can say is I have a plan!!


  1. I love your stitching. It looks wonderful.

    Best wishes,

  2. This ones nice.Looks like the letters are raised.

    Just found your Jan Houtman all finished.Looks fabulous.

  3. Wonderful stitching...can't wait to see what you add to the last square.

  4. Love the floss color on the linen . . simple yet stunning!

  5. You are steaming along with Grand Marquoir, it does look so elegant stitched in white.

    Hope you have had an enjoyable evening out.



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