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Saturday, 12 January 2013

New start

 Yes I have started a new project, below is how I left it on Thursday night
below, how it looked just after I picked it up on Friday evening, yep just one stitch out, 

 End of Friday evening the flowers should be green, 
but I have decided to change things, 
how very me, 
the green will be in this section as large leaves. Already this is fun.
 This is my third stitch along with this designer, Angie her blog is here
Dream Sampler is all I love balanced stitching, 
not quite patchwork
I do love her colours but I do not think they would fit any where, 
so I have added purples, thinking ahead of using it in our bedroom. 
Life is better at the moment, yesterday we had a sunny but very cold day, my walk at lunch time was great, today it's raining again, heavy rain, but I do not have to go out again, so it's warm and sung at home.

Thank you every one for you comments on my last post, I find it very hard to post when things make me so blue, do you really want to read the moans of a middle aged woman, I think not. My talking to myself in January has helped. I am sticking to my list, I have a copy next to my computer, a reminder to keep ones chin up!!

This morning I have had my hair cut, I am changing my style, so it is beginning to look different, later I had coffee with Su, just the two of us, nice long chat, mummy to daughter, a necessary catch up. Now lunch with hubby and then later some stitching, another night in. Tomorrow a day with hubby, we will go to town, I need a new mobile phone, have lunch out, we are also looking to book a holiday in June, France again, warm, sunny and cheap.


  1. Glad to read things are looking up. Also, love the new "sampler."

  2. Lovely start on your new project.

  3. Mmmm a holiday in France! Nice stitching:)

  4. Nice Start.
    I stitch it, too.

    Greetings from Germany, Manuela

  5. As always love the sewing :) glad you are feeling more positive. Hope you had a nice weekend and got your new phone :) don't mind it when you feel a bit blue as we all do sometimes.



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