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Saturday, 19 January 2013

At it again

 Sammy's 1st time in snow

 Josh having great fun

 Not so pretty now, still very cold but it's going fast, more fore caste on Sunday, 
Paula here in UK any small amount of snow stops us, we are not used to it. 
I did loads of stitching yesterday, it's coming along well, 
but I have not decided what colours to use in the flowers,
I felt they looked a bit dull. Watch this space.

I have stared another blog site called one day in the lens each day I plan to post one photo taken by me, sometimes to show how my day has gone or just something amusing I have seen, please pop over there and see what you think, I am hoping to have some fun!


  1. Someone is having a lot of fun in that snow! Lovely stitching too!

  2. Snow is such fun for children, I visited with my granddaughter yesterday and had fun, we were in the sledge, it was her first snowfall too.



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