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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day date

 Today has been different, as part of our new year we decided to have more fun, we met when we both had a young family, as friends and later as partners. In the beginning we had no money, could not afford to do anything other than feed the kids and get by. Then the kids all grew up and have their own lives. So today we had our 1st date, doing things which are fun and different for us, we will do this once a month.
We went for a drive in our local countryside, to see how every thing has weathered the snow and ice, the day was sunny and bright but cold and as you can see we found some nice spots, maybe for picnics in the summer.
 There is still a lot of standing water, Kev dropped me off and went back to allow this photo, it was fun driving through the first time. We are lucky in our part of the south, the water always has some where to drain.
 We then went to a village called Stubbington, and to Donny's  a perfect place to stop.
 Afternoon tea, or high tea together with salmon, ham and cucumber sandwiches, cakes and scones, jam and cream, we cheated this was also our lunch, far to much food for in between meals, the slices of cake was stated as being just small slices, they fibbed. The walls inside are full of interesting items, which adds to the joy, every thing is for sale, so each time we visit it has slightly changed.
 After lunch/tea we walked at Lee on the Solent, I love this place summer or winter, very typically English and always full of people, I love the beach huts. Tonight we are in, with a home cooked steak and chips, so we have had loads of fun, just as we planned, this was Kev's choice, next time it's mine, so I have planning to do.
 My stitching is coming along well, after the disaster at the start, I am glad I restarted this, just the top half of the panel to do. I am already thinking of my next start, another big project, but very different from this one.
Tomorrow more rain is fore caste so a day in, I have some curtains to take up for a friend,  and nothing else planned, hope to see Joshy and Sammy at some point. Hope your weekend is going well.


  1. Love the yellow "flowers" in the corners.

    What are the little slate looking tiles on the table in the restaurant with the words on them? Are they used for anything or just decoration?

  2. Sounds like you had a good day. Love the photo of the beach hits :) lovely photo of you both and even hearts - are they yours or were they in the coffee shop? Your sewing as always is lovely.

  3. A wonderful day for you both. It's very special to have quality couple time.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day :) Lovely photos too!



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