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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Shades of Grey

 I have been using loads of candles to shine a bright light in our home, England is such a grey place at this time, no sunshine just cloud and rain.......
I love the way a candle can brighten even the dullest of corners, and I keep them grouped on my glass cabinet in the dinning room, little flames of sun shine. I often have as many as 10/12 burning at the same time.

We had the best of times in Spain, imagine 6 warm sunny days, with the knowledge the sun will shine the next day, I loved being back in my sandals and not having to wear a coat. It was not hot, just warm and that was enough, with loads of coffee stops, late nights, late mornings, and laughter, boy did we need the break.
It's still Christmas in Spain until Jan 6th when the three kings come, so our friends children were still in full excitement mode, and unlike the UK, it felt fun and family and not all retail and expensive.
New years eve was so very different, we had a meal in a restaurant full of families babies to grand parents, with groups of youngsters and parties of all ages, in typical Spanish way it was very noisy, and after the meal, tables were removed and we had a disco. True family celebration, we each had 12 grapes to each at the bongs of midnight, and everybody wore a piece of red underwear, all very normal for Spain.

I have done no craft, but I did bring back some fantastic crochet cottons, so very cheap, most of these are the same size so I can use them together, just the natural ball is slightly thicker, at 2 euros each 100 grams, a bargain. Now I have no excuse not to get going with crochet.

Last December I was so very down, so many things happening around me, of which I had so little control.  Doing extra work for 6 weeks, with out much help, wore me down, my last week at work was so hard, I really did feel like leaving on a couple of days, but if I went it would have impacted on other people in a negative way, so I managed to get through it. But it left me drained and withdrawn and impacting on my family life.

So today in another new year, I am making plans to enhance this year.

Work, I am looking for a new job, I can not change the people around me, so change my job.
Children, they have problems, I can be there for them, but I can not take on their worries, they have to make their choices and I will support them.
Grandchildren, love them, they are my sunshine, will see much more of them all.
Home life, I am very happily married, but we need to inject fun back into our lives, I have a few plans to get us out and doing things, even on wet days (and we have enough of them here in UK)
Me, Lose more weight, get fit by using my bike and walking more. Find my positive side again, it's there just lost.
Stitching, plan projects, finish Winter Watergarden, Tree of Life and Sleeping Cats, but use stitching for pleasure and not hide behind it when things are tough.
Somerset House, plan to work more to finish this great house, I am so close but I ignore it.

If you are still here, thanks, let 2013 roll on.


  1. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time! Lots of crochet stuff now to keep you busy!

  2. After some time in Spain England will look even more grey and dark. I love the candles and will light some in my room, because over here it is just as grey with dribbling rain.
    Good luck with your plans.

  3. Happy New Year Marlene. So pleased you had a good time in Spain. I wish our Christmas and new year were more like parts of Europe. We too have lots of candles and we certainly need them in January! Some of your comments for 2013 have mirrored mine but you wrote them so well I.e work, weight, doing things more and being more positive. So here's to a good and positive new year.

  4. Oh what a wonderful thing it must have been to have some sunshine in Spain. I'm sorry that work was so very stressful for you.
    I hope that things work out and you find a new job.
    Happy 2013.

  5. Your list for the new year sounds great, I think I could take on board some of those things in my own life.



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